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[SOLVED] Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10

[SOLVED] Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10: The main cause of the Boot error 0xc0000098 is corrupted Boot Configuration Data (BCD). This means that Windows was not able to load operating system because the BCD file doesn’t contain any entry of it. The Boot Error 0xc0000098 is a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error which means your computer will abruptly restart and you won’t be able to Boot your PC, hence you are stuck.

[SOLVED] Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Fix Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10 with the help of the below-listed guide:

Method 1: Run Automatic/Startup Repair

1.Insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD and restart your PC.

2.When prompted to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD, press any key to continue.

3.Select your language preferences, and click Next. Click Repair your computer in the bottom-left.

4.On choose an option screen, click Troubleshoot.

5.On Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced option.

6.On the Advanced options screen, click Automatic Repair or Startup Repair.

7.Wait til the Windows Automatic/Startup Repairs complete.

8.Restart and you have successfully Fix Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10, if not, continue.

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Method 2: Repair your Boot sector or Rebuild BCD

1.Using above method open command prompt using Windows installation disk.

2.Now type the following commands one by one and hit enter after each one:

3.If the above command fails then enter the following commands in cmd:

4.Finally, exit the cmd and restart your Windows.

Method 3: Repair Windows Image

1.Open Command Prompt and enter the following command:

2.Press enter to run the above command and wait for the process to complete, usually, it takes 15-20 minutes.

Note: Make sure you use the drive letter where Windows is currently installed

3.Exit the command prompt and restart your PC.

Method 5: Repair install Windows

If none of the above solutions work for you then you can be sure that your HDD is fine but you may be seeing the error “Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10” because the operating system or the BCD information on the HDD was somehow erased. Well, in this case, you can try to Repair install Windows but if this also fails then the only solution left is to Install a new copy of Windows (Clean Install).

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That’s it you have successfully Fix Boot Error 0xc0000098 on Windows 10 but if you still have any questions regarding this article feel free to ask them in them comment’s section.